Dell EqualLogic for VMware View

Dell Storage for VMware View


Scalable, high performance and cost-effective virtual desktops

When implemented with Dell™ storage solutions, VMware® View-based virtual desktop environments can deliver greater desktop efficiencies, optimal performance, centralised management, lower costs, and efficient data protection. Together, VMware View™ and Dell enterprise storage solutions can deliver simple, cost-effective virtual desktop environments that can support enterprises of all sizes.

With advanced virtualisation and storage platform integration through vStorage API’s, Dell solutions can accelerate virtual desktop deployments while substantially reducing network traffic and host overheads. Dell storage solutions and VMware View create the right foundation for high performance, cost-effective, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI).

Key Benefits

  • Rapid deployment and improved performance for multiple virtual desktops with advanced vStorage API integration
  • Streamlined provisioning and management of virtual desktops through integration with VMware tools
  • Efficient scaling, management and protection of growing virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) through platform integration and automation

Dell EqualLogic PS Series in a VMware View Environment

EqualLogic iSCSI SANs for efficient VMware desktop virtualisation

VMware® View-based virtual desktops offer effectively separate user operating environments from physical client devices. Together, VMware View™ and Dell™ EqualLogic™ Unified IP Storage can deliver a high-performance, cost-effective virtual desktop infrastructure that is simple to manage and scale.

Through numerous integrations with VMware tools and APIs, Dell EqualLogic enables outstanding performance. These integrations also help to improve agility and responsiveness of IT infrastructure. Its Ethernet based iSCSI connectivity and the all-inclusive software features help to reduce cost and simplify management. Dell EqualLogic virtualised scale-out architecture allows enterprises to scale their storage without complexities as their needs grow. And by offering the Virtual Desktop Deployment Tool, which helps to automate virtual desktop provisioning and management, EqualLogic simplifies management.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced time to complete virtual machine provisioning by up to 72%
  • Improved performance, reduced network traffic and lower host overheads as a result of vStorage APIs integration
  • Optimal cost-performance balance with Dell EqualLogic multi-tiered hybrid storage arrays
  • Lower cost through use of industry-standards and EqualLogic all-inclusive software features
  • Scale without complexity with EqualLogic virtualised scale-out architecture

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