Dell EqualLogic PS6110 Series 10GbE iSCSI SAN Array

Dell EqualLogic PS6110 Series 10GbE iSCSI SAN Array


The Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS6110 Series, the second generation 10GbE PS Series iSCSI arrays, features greater flexibility, throughput, capacity, density and performance than prior PS Series 10GbE arrays.

For virtualisation environments in medium to large enterprises, the PS6110 Series is designed to meet your current needs and be ready to grow with you as the demands of the virtual era increase.

With the same capacity, density and performance as the 1GbE PS6100 Series, the PS6110 can provide up to 133% higher sequential performance than the PS6100 Series for bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming video and data warehousing.1 The PS6110 is a 10GbE iSCSI SAN array that allows you to leverage your existing 10GbE infrastructure with SPF+ or lower-cost 10GBASE-T. A dedicated management port segments management traffic and provides additional networking I/O for storage traffic.

The PS6110 is an intelligent storage array that is designed to provide simple management and seamless expansion. All PS Series storage arrays include SAN configuration features and capabilities that sense network connections, automatically build RAID sets, and conduct system heath checks to help ensure that all components are fully functional.

Dell EqualLogic delivers comprehensive end-to-end solutions to help you store and manage data so you can efficiently move the right data to the right place at the right time for the right cost. The PS6110 is inspired by EqualLogic users with built-in advanced software features enabling high-end storage to organisations of all sizes with no additional licensing fees.

The PS Series scales on-demand — and online — allowing storage growth without disrupting applications. As a result, EqualLogic PS6110 arrays provide exceptional flexibility at a low total cost of ownership.

Dell EqualLogic PS6110 Series Overview

  • Dedicated 10GbE ports that enable you to use SFP+ or 10GBASE-T cabling options
  • Simplified network storage management with a dedicated management port
  • 2.5″ drives in 2U or 3.5″ drives in 4U form factors
  • SAS, NL-SAS, solid state drive (SSD) and hybrid options available
  • More storage in less space than the previous corresponding PS6010 Series model
  • Provides up to 67% higher performance than the previous generation PS Series 10GbE arrays2
Dell EqualLogic PS6110 Series Benefits

As part of the EqualLogic family, the PS6110 Series inherits all the values and benefits within that portfolio:

  • Advanced application and platform integration with Microsoft Windows Server, Hyper-V®, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, VMware® vSphere™, Citrix® XenSever™ and Linux® for cutting-edge protection and easier management
  • Integrated snapshots for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Auto-replication integration with VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager
  • Unique peer-scaling architecture enables simultaneous scalability of performance and capacity within and outside of the blade chassis
  • All-inclusive software licensing, and users with valid support contracts can download new releases as needed at no additional cost

Dell EqualLogic PS6110E 10GbE iSCSI Array

Improve the capacity, performance and flexibility of your mid-tier storage center with the highly scalable EqualLogic™ PS6110E 10GbE iSCSI SAN arrays.

Great For: Mid-tier scale-out iSCSI storage deployments that need flexible 10GbE connectivity, optimised scalability, maximum capacity and management simplicity.

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Dell EqualLogic PS6110S 10GbE iSCSI Array

Take command of your most demanding enterprise applications with high-performance, low-latency, SSD-based Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS6110S 10GbE iSCSI arrays.

Great For: Providing affordable capacity for highly consolidated environments

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Dell EqualLogic PS6110X 10GbE iSCSI Array

Deploy cost-effective performance and capacity for Microsoft® Exchange servers, databases and virtual servers with Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS6110X 10GbE arrays.

Great For: Physical and virtual enterprise environments that require an efficient balance of high performance, high capacity and cost effectiveness

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Dell EqualLogic PS6110XS 10GbE iSCSI Array

Experience SSD low-latency performance with spinning media HDD capacity in one storage solution with the Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS6110XS 10GbE iSCSI array.

Great For: Companies seeking the combined advantages of high-speed, low-latency SSD performance and spinning media HDD capacity in one storage solution.

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Dell EqualLogic PS6110XV 10GbE iSCSI Array

Master critical applications with high-performance Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS6110XV 10GbE iSCSI arrays, ideal for enterprise and corporate distributed sites.

Great For: Companies that seek a compact, high-performance 10GbE storage solution for mission-critical enterprise applications.

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Dell EqualLogic PS6110XV 3.5″ 10GbE iSCSI Array

Deploy performance and capacity without compromise for your enterprise storage with the cost-effective Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS6110XV 3.5” 10GbE iSCSI array.

Great For: Enterprise environments that require cost-effective storage arrays that combine high performance and high capacity in a single chassis.

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