Types of Cloud

Our IaaS is available as a private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud, the choice is yours depending on which option best suits your business requirements!

Our private clouds, use the same high-end infrastructure that supports all Global IaaS systems but that infrastructure is dedicated to you, and run by us. You manage your servers, and if you need to the virtualisation layer, in the way you are used to doing and leave us to look after the infrastructure.

With our public cloud, based on the same award winning infrastructure, you commit to spend not resources. You can rapidly add or change servers or resources so you can quickly respond to competitive forces or efficiently handle short-term opportunities.

Our hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds, giving you the flexibility to tailor the services you consume to meet your requirements.

Business continuity built in

Our infrastructure is key to delivering on our continuous business philosophy, best of breed systems working together to provide a multi-site pool of resource that allows you to use business continuity tactically and strategically as well as in dealing with the unexpected. Continuous business means infrastructure supporting your business transparently from multiple locations, it means a next-generation approach to disaster recovery that has you trading through problems whatever they are.

The next step

Talk to us. Our IaaS offerings often produce gains in performance, and can reduce the overall cost of a solution in terms of scale, time-to-market, support and increased flexibility. We can deliver a range of application optimised services that allow you to take advantage of technology without needing to manage or resource it.